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It’s a strange thing writing an “about me” page.  I’ve never done anything remotely like this before.  Trying to think what to say; what’s important for a new comer to my blog to know about me.  Well …. let’s see …. I live in Northern Michigan.  I’m married to the love of my life, Jerry.  I’m a dog mom to Marley and Shema. I can’t spell.  I love to travel, entertain, knit, make cakes, garden, mix drinks, snorkel, camp, and hunt mushrooms (not necessarily in that order).  I eat a piece of dark chocolate almost every day and I’m 55 … part of why I’ve decided to write a blog. 

Some folks take stock of their lives at age 40 or 50, for me, number 55 really shook me up.  My schooling was in the arts but I have owned a boutique for 24 and a half years starting at age 31.  In my 55th year I became increasingly pestered by the thought that I didn’t want to be a retailer anymore.  Bothered that the things I loved about the business no longer motivated me.  And worried, that the constant issue of problems that come with owning a small business were smothering my creativity leaving me sad and, honestly, a bit depressed.  Worst of all was the thought that I could wake up at age 60 and still be doing this job just because I couldn’t find a way out.   

How does one make a big career change?  When one does something for so long and isn’t a spring chicken anymore, what is there to do next?  These questions got me thinking and dreaming about my “one days”.  By this I mean, “one day I’m going to do X”  and  “one day I’d like to try Z” and “one day I’m going to learn to do A”.  So many things I still would like to explore, see, and do.  

So I took a huge leap of faith this year and I sold off my store’s inventory.  I’ve decided to use the money to spend some time exploring my “one days” and along the way I hope to find my creative self again and discover what’s next for me in this world.  

I hope you will join me on this journey and I’d love to hear from you all about your “one day” dreams and accomplishments.  At the very least, let me know what your favorite chocolate is!


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